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[exhausts] [chat]



Milner off road is in Matlock, Derbyshire, a bit further away then
wales, devon and stuff.
Since all the people you have mentioned are within driving distance of
one another, we could all feasibly have a get-together if you wish?
For me it would be very good stimulation for the jaded brain cells -
and give me something else to think about to keep me from going stir
crazy about the job situation and housing and stuff.
I'm thinking august for the exhaust, l'beast MOT due at the end of aug
and twill fail on brakes if I don't get those guys fixed (vented discs
and pads) sooner rather than later
John wrote:
Geese thats an offer and thank you very much. I think I might get
bashed by
the wife and then given the two thousand question time or maybe three
thousand seeing as how it can be one thousand if im late back from
somewhere. I am thinking of coming over to just do cruiser parts
because on
this trip I cant get rid of the family, but I am a thinking. Gareth is
wales, you are in Bristol, Julian is fairly near to the area, longlife
is in
Bristol, Amsoil agent somewhere in Devon. Have to find out where Milner
for parts, and maybe some fun in the Cruisers aswell. Well I may as
dream here as any where. When I come back from France the shocks and
are going on them the new wheels and tyres. Im still looking for a guy
cut some meatal for the underbelly but am getting there slowly.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
John, my mobile number is 07913 472728 - give me a buzz sometime soon -
meanwhile, enjoy your trip.