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John in Ireland
I've had my toyo for nearly five years and when I bought it I had a
complete new exhaust fitted, so am probably pretty accurate in saying
this - mine lasted 4 years only, so that's why this time, I'm going to
go for the waxoyling treatment (courtesy of my good mate Gareth in
Newport). I would have thought the exhaust would have lasted longer but
it didn't.
IMHO I guess it will last a heck of a lot longer if the underside of
the car is 'waterproofed'
Hope this helps
>>> [Email address removed] 12/15/04 06:19pm >>>
Hi guys
On the subject of exhausts how long do they last usually.
John c
92HDJ 60 Ireland
On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 18:19:17 -0000, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi John,
I just had my exhaust rebuilt by a workshop in PL( ca 90 quid). They
fabricated the pipes, reusing all three cans., which after 12 years
they are still in very good condition, even tough the pipes have
rotten through.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80