Hi Chris,
For your "bolt-on"-options like TJM bumpers, spare wheel carriers,
roofracks, etc etc, I have a good supplier in South-Africa who will ship to
anywhere. Expect to pay the stuff half of what you would pay in Europe + add
transport charges, which all in all will work out cheaper then buying in the
UK. Google Bushwakka and you my supplier.
I recommend the MT's, didn't like the AT's : they are not "muddy" enough
when it comes to cruising in the mud. And as a tree surgeon I presume that
from time to time you need this.
Compressor : definitely a Viair - the 400 series seems to be good. Look at
the "cfm" value and buy the one with the highest value you can afford at a
duty cycle of at least 50% if not 100%. But better have a lower cfm value at
100 % duty cycle then a lower cfm at 50 % duty cycle.
Have fun,
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Subject: [ELCO] Explanation
Roman et al
" To All ... please be specific and explain why, where to get it and
rough estimate of cost
There may be more options for each entry. I'd suggest first to explain:
- how are you going to use your LC (competition off-roading,
greenlaning, overlanding (where, for how long), daily transport...)?
- what's your realistic budget?
- DYI or pay someone else?
- how much time to carry out the mods?"
In response - I plan on using the 80 for a mix of things, first and foremost
as my daily drive for my business as a Tree Sureon - 24 hour emergency
response ( covering Kent, London and East Sussex but can head anywhere if
the job is big enough/financially feasible), hence the 0range hazard lights
requirement. I will also use the truck in my own time as my run about, for
family camping trips/holidays - my parents live approx an hours drive from
the Pyrenees and we go down to stay each summer for 2-3 weeks. Some off
roading/green laning planned and I have a passion to visit N. Africa/Sahara
in the next 2-3 years.
On the budget front I am flexible - will save money wherever possible but
want to fit quality products that will last, not a cheap fix that
latter/sooner goes wrong.
Most of the kit would have to be done by someone else, as I am not
particularly mechanically skilled/gifted and have no-where to do the job
except drive way.
However, I have spoken to Julian about possibilty of him doing some of the
work for/with me.
Some of the kit will need to be fitted immediately and some later, I would
like any personal recommendations from experience -
A/T's - Immediate - leaning towards BFG A/T's or M/T's,
Modulars/steels - immediate/fairly soon - like the idea of finding some GX
Suspension upgrade - immediate/Fairly soon - leaning towards OME or poss
Koni's, but they may have to wait as I think they are loadsa money
Winch bumper/bullbar - immediate to fairly soon - poss ARB, what are TJM
like in comparison, or other options
Roof Rack - immediate/fairly soon -
Work lamps/Driving lamps/spots - immediate fairly soon -
Orange hazards - fairly soon
Double rear wheel carrier - fairly soon - previously had a Kaymar.
Load guard/space divider/window guards - immediate/as soon as poss - maybe a
Luggage space draw system - soon, but could look at alternatives like
shelving space out etc
Compressor - soon-ish, but not urgent - ARB/Viair - opinions
Batteries - as soon as required
Rock sliders/jackable sills - soon-ish but not immediate
Split charge - as per extra batteries/lights - as soon as req'd.#
Let me know what you think


Your shopping list will instantly make you Eddie Priscott's best
friend, but may cost a lot and may lead to expensive mistakes. Ask me
how I know :)
That's either very easy or very difficult to achieve, depending how
you look at it. Easy, because when you buy a Landcruiser you receive
a plaftorm that is already designed to fulfil all these tasks. The
next step is fine-tuning it for comfort and easy switching of the
roles. Difficult because at the extreme end each role you envisage has
different priorities, often mutually exclusive.
You can't go wrong with M/T's, always remembering they are crap on wet tarmac
X steels
For most of the roles you listed stock LC rims will do
Koni's, but they may have to wait as I think they are loadsa money
OME is cheap compared to top shelf Koni stuff. I'd start with stock
Toyota suspension and Airift bags at the back if you carry heavy
loads, or OME if yellow is your favourite colour, and change only to a
more ambitious setup when you find suspension a limiting factor.
like in comparison, or other options
Perhaps in a month's or so my TJM bumper will be up for grabs, because
I need to build a lighter bumper.
=96 I have very good experience with Brownchurch roof racks
You can't go wrong with Lightforce lamps.
When ordering a roof rack from Brownchurch you can ask them to fit
extra brackets for lights, tools and other stuff you want to fit on
it. They are normally flexible as each roof rack is hand built in
Take your pick from these websites:
Driving with a load at the back and two wheels hanging off the rear
bumper will require modifying the rear suspension. For most except the
very extreme locations on earth a single spare wheel (plus
occasionally a tyre on the roof rack) will do.
e a fabricator
Made to order is your best bet, but may cost a bob.
lving space out etc
I'd avoid metal drawers =96 bloody expensive and very heavy. Find good
boxes (alu, GRP =85), then have them fitted on a space frame.
Sorry, don't know. I have always used an engine driven York. And it's
so useful I'd suggest getting it before some other toys.
Starter or deep cycle? Former =96 DMS, latter =96 Optima.
You will struggle to find good rocks to justify the expense and
additional weight. It's better to jack up using points on front/rear
bumpers/chassis brackets.
For a fridge or electric winch? I use Hellroaring Technologies BIC-75300A.
Add to it:
Extended breathers
Extra electrical connection points (DIN)
Extra interior lamps (LED)
... and a credit limit of well over five grand. :)
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)


Hey Roman
If as you say MTs are crap on wet roads is it not foolish to use these tyres
on roads concidering the cruisers are so heavy and need all the grip they
can nget in order to stop.
If MTs were used on the road and it was wet and you were involved in an
accident would it cause complications regarding insurance.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
You can't go wrong with M/T's, always remembering they are crap on wet
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