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Factory pickup/single cab


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Nov 18, 2021
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Hi all good people of the forum,my first post :)

im just wondering if anybody can tell me if there was ever a factory singlecab 80 or are they all custom chop jobs ...cheers all and
great forum :gay-rainbow::)
custom chop jobs.

not a massive job if your not extending the chassis.
Thanks Chapel Gate...might you know of any threads or how to's relating to the procedure will be finding an example thats not to good
as to ease the pain or chopping a perfectly good/nice example...i feel the ocd coming on already:coldsweat:
yeah dont chop a good un.. :thumbup:

probable better on a oz forum, i think a fella on here called michael did one recently for a camper conversion and bat 21 iirc.

a mate of mine has done a few.

there is more than one way to skin this cat.