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For Sale: 1994 Land Cruiser


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Apr 17, 2014
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As the title states, I am selling my Land Cruiser to someone who has an actual need for it - $5000 o.b.o.

Purchased in September of 2013, I am the second owner and as such I have only put a few thousand miles on her during a recent trip to Georgia, Florida, and everywhere in between . . . she performed admirably.

Being 20 years old I can assure you that she is not cosmetically flawless. There is some scratching and fading of the paint, some pitting on the wheels, and the "Land Cruiser" badge is missing; but an amazing lack of rust should be noted for a vehicle confined to Minnesota for most of its life. A few spots here and there, but nothing surpassing the body surface. The interior, however, is quite impressive for belonging to a family of four for 19 of its 20 years, though again it isn't perfect.

Since purchase the vehicle has received a complete tune-up, work on the exhaust, a new Sony Bluetooth stereo head unit, new Alpine door speakers, new interior lighting, new windshield, new wiper blades, and a complete interior detailing on 4/8. As far as I know the vehicle has been smoke free and mechanically it runs like new. With the exception of the snapped radio antenna (motor is working fine), I can't think of anything that doesn't work and the tires have a good deal of tread remaining.

All in all this rig looks and sounds pretty good and being a Toyota with only 190,000 miles on it I can all but guarantee a long life ahead. Title is clean, keys are original, and all documentation since my ownership is available. Though my price is not firm, I do know what these things are going for. So while I encourage any reasonable offer, the key word in that sentence is "reasonable;" please keep that in mind. I am not willing to eat the cost of shipping should that be your desire; however, I will certainly work with a potential buyer to find and arrange a suitable shipping carrier.

The reason for the sale is my impending relocation to Alaska and I just can't bring it with me. I am available most any time for questions as well as a showing, so please contact me by phone at: 507-210-4421. As I am a man of the 21st century, text messages are fine. For more photos, please refer to the Minneapolis Craigslist site (not enough posts to include a link). 2014-04-09 11.33.17.jpg2014-04-09 11.33.34.jpg2014-04-09 11.33.27.jpg2014-04-09 11.40.35.jpg


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