FOR SALE Fridge slide



I=92ve got a Front Runner fridge slide for a 40litre Engel or similar sized
fridge for sale as I've removed half my second row seat and mounted my
fridge there instead. There isn't room to slide it out of the door aperture,
but there's no real need as you can walk right up to it anyway.
It has seen some use but is in full working order. I'm asking =A385 (it was
=A3170 when new). Ideal for mounting your fridge in the boot, it allows easy
access to the contents without kneeling on (and in my case bending) the
tailgate, plus you can have a shelf above the fridge so you don't loose any
space. More details and pictures here:
If you're interested please reply or call me on 07768 505521.
1990 HDJ80 UK
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Hi Toby,
If no other takers I would be interested in the fridge slide, although they are only =A3139 new now :)
And yes still interested in the stock suspension if still available.
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