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'For Your Viewing Pleasure' -- Suggestions for Hidden YouTube Gems?

Looking at these LCs, was thinking they are on more tough terrain than we see here but they don’t have winch, ARB bumper or non stock tyres. This makes me think how much of mods r really necessary for LC
Its a nigh on 30 year old Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun leading the way !
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Need and want are two very different things Raj , some need a winch because they work in forestry but for me the whole modification thing is my hobby , and its fun to put yourself into situations where you might be glad you did it . If my life depended on it i'd go around obstacles instead of over them .
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I have Silk Road in mind as one trip n looking how the local cars are on that road so I get an idea what mods my car needs. With current condition I won’t trust my Landcruiser beyond UK so I have plenty of time to get it ready.
And yet your probably insured to drive 10,000 miles a year around the UK without thought to breaking down .
Shayne insurance, road tax etc are just in the background. Just insured along with other cars but I only drive LC for rare occasions or when my wife/Kid insists for it. If I don’t drive it now, I won’t be able to drive it later. :) Already I get shoulder pains from driving Landcruiser as it’s heavy and flies around at high speeds and I ve to hold steering tight to keep it on road.
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Most roads in the UK* aren't as rough as stuff like the Silk Road though, Shayne, and even if you do break down in the UK, recovery is straightforward. On bigger trips you are reliant on the vehicle, your own skills and whatever local help is available.

That said, I don't see the need for massive modifications for big cross country trips - its more a question of making sure everything is spot on before you leave (baselining if you like) - keeping stuff stock also helps when sourcing spares, if you do breakdown. Heavy modification is more necessary for severe off-roading (i.e. playing), rather than bad-roading and over-landing, I would suggest.

Raj - you shouldn't need to be fighting your Cruiser in the corners, Jan drives our 80 like she stole it, even with some health issues, and it handles well.

* - though the IOM roads are essentially like those in the Third World!
Agreed Dave but that was the answer i settled on when i started overthinking my first trip to Romania "if i aim to do another 100k miles in the truck over the next decade or two why am i worried about doing a few thousand miles over a couple of weeks"

Change the steering fluid Raj - that is actually a great introduction to D.I.Y maintenance because you can't do it wrong :thumbup:

Oh wait i suppose the 200 has all that fancy stuff like traction control to consider .
With current condition I won’t trust my Landcruiser beyond UK
Raj, what is wrong that you wouldn't trust your vehicle beyond UK? I'd say before any mods you need to get anything else sorted that you would drive beyond UK. I've got 228k on my Collie, it's been on long journeys and off-road and never missed a beat bar niggly things. Life's a risk so may as well take a few little ones with the Cruiser.
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Hi Mick, been a while. First reason for lack of confidence on my car is not driving it as much as I drove my other cars. Second thing is due to silly mistakes by garages, oils are dripping. I think once I start driving it more and more I will gain confidence.
If you have time, search out Boat Zone, and Wavy Boats.
Based at Haulover Inlet, Miami.
Some awesome boats.
And don't forget them wonderful girls "Blue Top Legends" Them girls are insane in their boat.
Watched lot of this guy's videos but came across this one and decided to change every fluid - diff oils, transfer box, ATF, AHC fluid, break, power steering, coolant every 50K/5 years irrespective of what my owners manual says. Luckily I changed all of them now between 51 and 58K except power steering and break fluids.

Jut to expand on the Matt’s offroad recovery channel, there’s “FabRats”, “Trail Mater” and “Merlin’s Old School Garage…” you’ve got enough to find them on utoob search…
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Just pure Cruisers. Found this interesting one (boring for the rest of the family) and watched sitting alone.

Like that there were some stock looking LC there Raj. Sliders are top of my list and more shielding underside.
I noticed one thing in those US LandCruisers/LXs. Most of them if on stock 20inch rims, are going for bigger KO2. 285/55/20 instead of stock size 285/50/20 looks like this slightly big rubber fits perfectly without other modifications and looks good as well.
This is an amazing video of a 1972 expedition to Cape York (the tip of far north Queensland) by the Leyland Brothers. It was Land Rover or nothing in Australia back then but there is a 40 series that joins them along the route.