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Front differential oil level check


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Apr 10, 2021
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A month ago I changed the engine oil and filter. While doing I noticed the leak from the front differential is still there. I opened the fill plug to check the level and oil overflowed from it. I waited until it stopped and fitted it back. Since then the car started making some new noise at the cold start. This strange noise will remain until the car warms up properly. Not sure how to describe it but it felt like the car is gasping for breath. I changed the engine oil and filter yesterday and again checked for a diff leak.
I thought maybe diff oil is low so the gears are struggling to get the oil or something like that when cold.
There is no leak from diff this time so I opened the fill plug to check the level and fill some oil but did not quite understand if there is enough oil.

Below is the video of diff oil level check I did. From this please advise if there is enough oil? The car is on level ground. Not 100% level there might be 5-degree slope or imperfection on the driveway.

Oil level is fine .

Speeds you have been doing recently i think a mechanical problem if there was one wouldn't be difficult to find .

Struggling for breathe puts me in mind of the little vacuum air filters . Or perhaps a vacuum line leak ?
Oil level is fine
Thank you Shayne. I can now take that diff issue out of my mind. This new sound and behaviour might be coming from something else. If it’s vaccine related does it only happen when the engine is cold?
It does this only for first 15-20 mins. Once engine is warm enough it drives smoothly without any stress
I don't know your engine but vacuum pipes are routes of communication if you like , air pressure instead of electrics telling this to do that etc .

Perhaps a small and in itself inconsequential leak delays i don't know what - the egr maybe from dancing to the correct tune while cold . Could be just a dirty sensor ?
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Thanks Shayne. I checked for codes on ultraguage, no error codes. Then I found a garage who let me park the car overnight and check the sound the next day morning.
Next morning the mechanic listened to the slightly different note and told it’s coming from exhaust. I forgot the exact terms he used but it seems there are some fins or openings in exhaust which open and close. At cold temps they are not doing this freely so there is this slight difference in sound. Once warmed they operate correctly and this is why I don’t hear this sound when engine is warm.
Nothing of concern there.
Our OCD wikk keep our beasts in perfect shape :)