Front hubs



Hi Alan,
I have to say that I'm not familiar with the 70 series transmission but
I'm assuming that in High or Low range you're normally only driving the
rear wheels until you select 4wd via the dash button? If that's the case
there is no problem with leaving the front hubs locked. The only down
sides are wear and tear on the front transmission parts and some slight
loss of power.
When the hubs are locked but you're in 2wd there is no connection
between the transfer box and the front prop shaft, however, as the front
wheels move they will be turning the front shafts, the front
differential and the front propshaft. This means that you're wearing out
the components just as you are in the rear. Similarly, as the engine is
moving your vehicle forward, and the front wheels move, all the extra
components that have to turn "up front" will cause a bit of drag,
thereby reducing the power slightly. It's negligible but it's there.
When the front hubs are unlocked the wheels turn freely so none of the
front transmission (shafts, diff and prop) are turning, so less wear and
no reduction in power. If you do drive off-road, do remember to engage
the front hubs before you start, even though you might start off in 2wd.
When you need 4wd - and it's normally in the dirtiest, muddiest location
- you'll have to get out and lock the hubs first.
I have seen vehicles that have locking hubs both front and rear (mostly
in America, but I stand to be corrected on that one). They're normally
being towed in an "A-bar" configuration by some other vehicle (motorhome
etc.). As all the four wheels on the vehicle are being turned it causes
the wear and drag mentioned above, so all the hubs are unlocked and the
four wheels turn independently without any transmission movement.
Hope the above helps.
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