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front hubs



David has explained all well for you.
I concur that you will notice tyre wear and greater fuel consumption
if you leave them locked in 2WD.
One extra point that may well not affect you though. At times I have
to travel rocky tracks that are not the loose surfaced kind that I
commonly travel on. They are on mountains that have the rock strata
laid bare on the surface and this is like corrugations at about 3-4
inch pitch. Its like going up a small staircase but its worn smooth
by people, vehicles, sheep, and streams when it rains. So I use low
ratio to make it easier on the tranny, but as there is no loose
surface it would wind-up the two axles, so I put the hubs into
freewheel. Some might say this is in effect the reverse of how they
should be used. But its something we all do to make it easier on the
vehicle and there is never any detrimental effect. Other times, on
loose rocky tracks, I use 4WD with hubs locked to even-out the strain
over two axles, and the tyres do scrabble as its so rough so there is
no wind-up. As a professional old fart it makes me feel better in my
soul at least, and I think Charlie the cruiser knows I am trying to
give him an easy life as he gets older too ;-)
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia