Fuel Flap Fix - cheap repair for stretched cable


I am in australia
Nov 21, 2016
Victoria, Australia
I couldn't open the fuel flap on my 80 series without reaching under the dash with a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the wire.

Wasn't sure if this would work but I removed the interior panel where the jack is stored, and managed to crimp on two split sinkers from my fishing kit to remove the slack in the pull cable. Seems to have worked for now, I hadn't even asked what a new cable from Toyota would be worth

Hope this helps some other tight arse in the future. ;)

Dave 2000

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I am in spain
Mar 26, 2010
Sunny Spain
Great idea, a problem I also recently encountered, before reading on, check the spring on the flap, if it is weak or missing the flap might not open even if the cable is all good.

I went a different way to fix to stretched cable. I noted the release pin is quite long, so I filed a few thou off and tried the release, a second touch with the file and all is well, interesting that mine started playing up recently as the temps have moved towards 40 C! Testing has shown there is plenty more on the pin if I need to file any more off.


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