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Fuel, turbos, windows



Julian just trying not to send so many postings so a composite one this time..
JB before your test, put an injector cleaner in the tank and give the car a
good blast down the road for half an hour before the test appointment so
they test it still hot. And yes, keep the oil level no more than full on
the dipstick.
As for additives, Julian said it all really. And Gareth is right, I bought
the Millers stuff and used it all the time when 'diesel car' magazine did a
good write-up on it. Fuel consumption was better too. I always use additive
out here cos I just can't trust it to be of good quality, there are no
recognisable European brands at all. Things like trading standards
inspectors and consumer's rights do not exist, this is cowboy country. And
no I don't notice the smell of sulphur in the fuel, it smells like diesel
has always smelt to me, and I have used plenty in farm and industrial
equipment as well as the narrowboat since the 60's. Its just that I don't
trust it and I want to guarantee lubricity more than worry about the
shrinkage of the seals. Most of it is a cetane improver anyway, and at less
than two quid a throw, what the hell?
Julian, when we got the laughable RAV4 there was not only a strong warning
to use low sulphur fuel, but an equally strong warning that old fashioned
sulphurated stuff would damage the pump and was very definitely a no no.
Bares-out your theory dunnit ?
I use 3 kinds of additive. 2 different ones - depending on the supermarket
I go to for the general 70L at a time fill-ups.
They are - one American one made in Florida (allegedly) and sold in a
French owned supermarket. Haven't got one in stock so can't give you the
name but its a general diesel additive, not specifically for injectors but
claims to keep them clean. Also claims extra lubricity and raises the
cetane rating.
Abro Industries (USA) 'diesel fuel treatment' - 'impedes cold weather
gelling and waxing, extends fuel filter life (!), replaces lost lubrication
to injectors and pumps, conditions fuel' It says on the label. (Always 2 in
stock in the 80). Both of these are 354 ml.
I also use another specifically for water dispersion in the spare tank
which is liable to get condensation in it. Its very powerful stuff
according to the label and twice the price of the other, 236 ml for 150 US
gallons, so I put a splash into the low-filled tank. But it helps me sleep
better. OK, I know, I can fill the tank up and have no condensation risk.
But do I want to carry around the weight of another fuel sapping 50L up and
down the mountains just for fun?
It is Abro Industries (USA) 'diesel fuel anti-gel' - 'disperses water,
lowers pour point, contains no alcohol'. It says on the label. So far, no
problems with any of the above.
Jake - on turbos. Yes all the others have said the right things, though I
don't think a slow warm-up is a big deal. The oil pump usually supplies the
thing as a priority and through a sizeable pipe too. But the cool-down is
essential. Even when I drive the Pajero to Tesco I let it run a half minute
in the car park after a couple of miles. I have seen a few turbos get
cooked in my time. But if you are ultra cautious about it you can get a
small device that will give you peace of mind. Dunno what its called but
its basically a spring loaded oil reservoir that is tapped into the turbo
feed pipe. It fills with oil when the engine is running and when it is
stopped the spring pressure pushes oil into the turbo for a couple of
minutes whilst it cools. True, there is no air going through and it is not
spinning, but these have been fitted onto heavy plant for several years
with great success. You can see them advertised in Land Rover mags I think.
JB on your windows just check you don't have the bottom track adjuster
bolted up to the end of the slot, it can put too much resistance into
sliding the window. It should be adjusted so the window just doesn't rattle
when it is an inch or so open. But what do I know - I have lovely manual
winders :-D
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where tonight its getting warm - that
means the real ski-ing snow is on the way!