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FW Flickering Turbo



Think ther is a difference in operation of the turbo light on 12v and 24valve engines. 12v engines like mine, the turbo light comes on to indicate the turbo is on boost, engine check light comes on to indicate overboost. Later ones turbo light indicates overboost and doesn't come on in normal driving - I.e. On normal boost.
Andy Harvey
Cheltenham, UK
From: "Julian A.R. Voelcker" <[Email address removed]>
Subject: RE: [ELCO] FW: Flickering Turbo light
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:03:26 +0000
Reply-To: [Email address removed]

As Michael has pointed out, the turbo light is indicative of too high a pre=3D
ssure - do you have access to a pressure guage to test it?

Having said that, with the alternator light flashing as well I would start =3D
by checking the cables on the alternator, engine earth strap as well as the=3D
battery conections - problems in these areas can cause random dash lights =3D
to come on.=3D20


Julian Voelcker
07971 540362
[Email address removed]=3D