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FW Injection Pump Adjustment



Ladies and Gents

Ian Pearson sent me this privately since he has problems posting to the list, and has agreed to my forwarding it.

Christopher Bell

From: [Email address removed] [mailto:[Email address removed]]
Sent: 24 November 2006 19:27
To: Christopher Bell
Subject: Injection Pump Adjustment
Hi Chris,

I've just seen part of your post regarding inter-coolers , etc. Please excuse me for not posting this on the ELCO list, but I seem to lose most of what I post there, so I must be doing something wrong?!

I've got a 1991 80 Series, and I'm not sure where you are in the country, but as Julian mentioned you coming "up" to Swindon, I thought perhaps you might be in the South West. I recently took my fuel pump out, and took it to a company in Swindon that Julian had recommended. They replaced the top gasket and front shaft seal for =A3115.00. Good service. In the process of refitting the pump, I bent a valve, and spent a small fortune having that repaired. The Landcruiser just didn't have the same get up and go afterwards, and I was reluctant to let the guys who refitted the head adjust the timing, as I wasn't sure how competent they were. I was given the number of a company in Bridport by one of the Toyota Parts guys in Yeovil. My car is now going like a bomb. Rob adjusted the timing, and fuelling and seems very knowledgeable. He has his own injector facility, will do BEB's and is worth considering if he's not too far from you. If it's any use to you his details are as follows:

Rob Morey
Unit 17B
Dreadnaught Trading Estate
DT6 5BU.

Hope this has been of some use to you.

Regards, Ian Pearson.
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