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Hallo out there...again,
Having just joined the list and introduced myself I must say I was expecting
slightly more response than the one very nice message from Neill Watson.
My car is a 1979 FJ40, petrol, green, 3
Geared, Indonesian import, I am based in Clapham, SW London.
Should I assume that no-one out there knows the answers to my questions?
I will try just once more, I would really like know roughly how many FJ40's
are in the UK, surely I'm not the only owner? If no one knows, might anyone
know how I might find out?
Most parts issues seem to be solvable using US parts specialists, heater
looks like being impossible with Toyota parts.
I would still like to know about fitting power steering if anyone has any
wise words or experience of such, please let me know.
Steve Ackhurst
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<no subject>

The 40 series cruisers are rare in this country.I remember seeing a long
wheelbase which was I believe a 55, it was nearly new and was a tow vehicle
for bike dealer who became a Toyota dealer.It had body rust to the point of
making you scratch.
Other than that you need to try the USA or OZ.
Try here
Steve I've copied you direct in case the hyperlinks don't work.
Dave Harris
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97 VX 1HDFT Devon UK
OME Springs and LTR Shocks
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: Hallo out there...again,