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FW Oil on Injectors 1HD-T



Am giving the old truck a good once over- doing some preventative
maintenance before doing a 3 week expedition in May.
I'm sending the injectors off to be tested and spent some time on saturday
pulling them out. I found that a couple were covered in oil from the tip of
the injector nozzle all the way up the shaft of the injector past the
o-ring. number=A0 1 was quite oily, number 5 was dripping with oil. 2 and 4
were mostly clean and 3 and 6 were bone dry. Has anybody got any ideas for
possible problems? The turbo was certainly passing oil but that would surely
cover all the injectors in oil?
should I even worry about it?
Main reason for oevrhaul is that engine is underpowered and quiet
inefficient and with 3000miles (most of it offroad) coming up it would be
nice to ge tht engine in tip top condition!
James Pugh
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Morning James,
The oil has most likely leaked past the seal on the injector stem, possibly from a leaky rocker cover gasket in the past. Don't worry about it too much, just make sure you replace the seals - RVS don't normally supply them ;-)
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