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FW Starter motor + dash warning lights - resolved



This is finally resolved, but not without a struggle.
My starter had finally decided to remain engaged, so when I bump-started the engine the reduction gear was being whizzed round and eventually self-destructed, chewing up the starter motor spindle as well.
I got the starter and gearing rebuilt (=A3170), put in two new batteries (=A3145), but turning the ignition key *still* gave just "click". When bump-started I still had various warning lights on the dash, suggesting that the alternator was bad and that there were other problems too.
Finally, with the aid of the wiring diagram and FSM (thanks again Jon), they traced it to a broken wire running to the starter relay in the left wing (behind the aerial motor). So it is all running sweetly again now even if, metaphorically, the cruiser is in the dog-house having cost me nearly =A3500 in all.
I learned two things:
(1) Don't ignore the dreaded "turn the key, click" syndrome if it seems OK on the 2nd attempt, as happened to me last January. It's a warning of worse to come, and a timely starter rebuild should involve just (cheap) contacts rather than (expensive) all innards.
(2) If you have to diagnose electrical problems with the diesel 12/24 starting system you don't stand much of a chance without the wiring diagram from RM184E (body and electrical), and in the case of the 1HD-FT engine the supplementary diagnostic procedure in RM437Es (1HD-FT repair) is a big help. There are *four* relays involved in starting the engine, distributed in four totally different places in the engine bay and cabin.
Christopher Bell
To: [Email address removed]
Subject: RE: [ELCO] Starter motor + dash warning lights
Clive, Lubo, Joaquim and all
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm taking it to a pro today and he seems
very confident that he can sort it out. He reckons that it will have
stripped the reduction gears inside the starter though :-(
I had the "starter keeps running" symptom once this time around.
Fortunately, being a rattly old diesel, turning the engine off seems to
shake it free without the need to disconnect the power. You can just
about hear it running from inside the truck at idle speed, and it's very
obvious from outside.
I'm just thankful it's a manual and so easy to bump-start.
| I have just done the srarter rebuild on mine and it works a treat, the
| flashing lights are a symptom of a loose connector, it is worth
| checking the small connector on the front of the starter. Keep a
| battery spanner handy as if the starter sticks in you really need to
| dissconnect them, if the starter stays in and you don't notice it, not
| that you would, it can catch fire.
| Regards,
| Clive Marks
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