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Here is the original post - I don't think it went to the list because
Graham emailed it to several people.
If you want to post to the list and others directly, at the names of
the other recipients in the CC or even better the BCC lines.
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 07:53:25 +0000
From: Graham & Lucinda Smith <[Email address removed]>
Reply-To: ?[Email address removed]
I need some urgent help as I have an electrical problem.
Yesterday - while driving over horrible corrugations,?
several of the warning lights - namely ABS, ATF?
warning, Timing Belt warning, Fuel filter warning,?
Parking brake warning, and I think low engine oil?
warning light - were flickering on and off with the?
severe vibrations.
The car drove with no problems and no loss of power,?
and all the used electrical systems seemed to work fine?
- Tape, elect windows, windscreen washer etc.
This morning I cant get the car to start.
The batteries have 12.6v in each, so seem OK
I have tightened all of the battery, 12-24 changeover?
and starter motor connections.
When we turn the key, all the usual lights come on,?
glow plugs work and the voltage drops to 12 - 12.2v,?
The 12-24v changeover clicks, so does the starter relay.
The starter motor makes no sound at all.
I have checked the voltage across the starter ?- to my?
surprise I have 12v even when the ignition is on the?
off position, when I go to start the engine the voltage?
increases to 24v, but the starter does not engage.
I suspect that this problem has something to do with?
the flickering warning lights ?seen yesterday, as we?
have had no starting problems before. I think an?
electrical widget is stopping the starter motor form?
engaging, despite the correct voltage arriving.
Is there a ?way I can make the starter motor engage, to?
get started?
Thankfully we are only 3 km from a large village/small?
town, but I doubt they are likely to know this European?
model of Toyota, so I come back to ELCO for help first.
My car is a 1994, Toyota LandCruiser HDJ80.
I seem to recall someone having similar flashing?
lights, and the problem was related to the electrical?
wires going to the trailer plug - I have looked at my?
trailer plug etc and cant see and obvious problem...
Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Julian, I am not sure if this will post to ELCO, I?
would appreciate it if you could forward it to ELCO ?-?
unless you know the answers.
Thanks in advance
Graham Smith
[Email address removed]
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift
Check that the small connector on the starter is pushed on
properly, I made this mistake a few weeks ago. I rebuilt the starter
and tested it, when I fitted it there was nothing, I had disslodged
the small connector during assembly. Only about 3mm but it made all
the difference.
Regards, Clive.