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FZJ80 Diff-lock upgrade issue


New Member
Dec 3, 2023
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Hello everyone

I am new at this forum and i have an issue seeking for a solution if anyone have went through same situation or similar.

I have an FZJ80 1994 GCC VXR Carburetor and it came without Diff-lock function so i have replaced the front and rear differentials from new FZJ80 that has Diff-lock now in my car there is wires from factory for the front Diff-lock so i have also changed the rear wires to include the wires I also plugged in the Diff-lock switch and there was already a wire there i also changed the speedometer.

After all that the diff-lock is not working, I tried it with all 4WD modes.

Please if anyone has any information or advice let me know.

Thank you