Hi John,
I am very delighted for you that is good news maybe there will be no
stopping you now. They may be able to make all sorts of things for you.
Anthony Graham
West Wales
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Hi Guys
Just a little up date on my search for a good cargo barrier that would not
need a mortgage on it. I went to a couple of engineerring shops and will be
getting a barrier made on Friday. I am getting two plates made to fit the
holes in the wheel arches to secure the third seat, then he will bolt a
hollow bar to these plates and then run it around behind the rear seat. The
second bar will go where the holes are for the handgrips on either side of
the roof. Of course I will take these hand grips down first which will
reveal the two holes used to secure them. He will then run a bar around the
top of the rear seat. He is also putting two bars from the roof to the base.
I can then attach a dog guard to this (which I already have) and have full
access from both the rear door and behind the rear seat. The cost of getting
this done is 150 euro which I think is great compared to what I have been
quoted for cargo barriers. I think the best had to be milfords in AUS, the
barrier was 365 dollars and the freight was 568 dollars to Dublin total over
800 dollars WOW. Its an idea for others to follow if they wish.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


Hi Brendan and Anthony
Thanks for your comments, I think the next thing will be either drawers on
slides or a pull out slide or maybe both. Ill see what this turns out like
first, but he wants the cruiser for four hours to do the barrier to get an
exact fit so fingers crossed.
John C 92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


If you can get two sliders the size of the area between the wheel arches
behind the back seats , one above the other, with 25 to 30cm between them
and a flat bed above the whole thing to sleep on at under 50kg I think you
might get customers. The sliders need to be able to pull out all the way and
be strong enough to support loads of at least 50kg each whilst in motion and
have some sort of arrangement that stops things falling off the sides, and
be non rattling.
Somebody with some engineering skills should be able to do it. Maybe a
welded aluminium frame, and some form of ball race, and strong flat panels.
Is there anything as strong as 3/4 (18mm) ply that is lighter and not too
I have my drawer system now that does all of the above but I think it is
over 50Kg.
And lastly, of course, for less than the existing commercial storage units.
They come in at around ?1,000; not sure what that is in Euros.
Best wishes
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