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Getting tyres repaired.


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Jun 17, 2019
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I started work in a tyre repair workshops as a lad, and still have an interest in tyres to this day.

Reading back over some threads i see where several posters have had to scrap tyres prematurely because not repairable, well that may well be the case, but it might be the case that the tyre fitter you are using isn't qualified to, nor has the equipment or skills, to make a proper permanent major repair to your tyre shoulder or sidewall, ie vulcanising moulds, bare uncured rubber, correct patches.

There are one or two tyre repair workshops still operating around the country, a long standing one here in Northamptonshire (possibly two) and i believe there is one in Ely, but don't hold me to this.

Depending on the severity of damage, and/or if the tyre has been run flat, these people can fix a lot of tyres that would otherwise be scrap...your local fitter may know about these places because they tend these days to repair plant agricultural and commercial tyres more than car tyres, and its easier for your fitter to sell you a new tyre there and then.
Basically a nail or bolt in the shoulder or the sidewall is not a tyre scrapper, its an easy major repair for a qualified person, the only issue is if the nail bolt screw is not noticed and rips the inner carcass apart whilst the tyre flexes, then it obviously is scrap.

The one in Northants i will recommend without hesitation is Tyre Revivers, at Islip, near Thrapston, but a search might reveal if there is someone closer to you, they regularly make round trip journeys to collect and deliver tyres around the country, so a phone call might be worth making before you scrap a £150 tyre on the say so of a fitter who isn't qualified to repair the thing anyway.

That isn't where i worked by the way, where i worked is long gone, but i know one of the chaps nearing retirement who is still there, but i have nothing to gain and no other affiliation with the place, i just hate seeing perfectly good tyres scrapped when a £25 major repair will see it back in service.

Note they don't remove and refit tyres, they inspect and repair tyres already removed.


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Apr 30, 2010
Thanks for posting , really sound advice.I recently had a sidewall cut repaired but cost 50 euros here mainly because of high Spanish transport costs.


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Feb 2, 2013
Had nail in my newish coopers long back , malicious kids as an alternative to graffiti me thinks , so took it to a mate who is sort of a jack of all trades farm and site diesel fitter , he said he shouldn't because of the location of the nail but pulled it and plugged it with a warning to take it easy on my 300 mile drive home .

Of course i forgot his advice and so soon forgot which tyre it was , its fair to assume i still use it and it has been tested on the German Autobahn more than once .