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Greasey stuff ??

Gary Stockton

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Sep 10, 2012
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One of the more important components missing from my DIY toolbox (which is growing steadily ... :D ) is a grease gun. I've given a few a cursory glance and then got confused and gone off shaking my head - the varieties are huge compared to what I'm used to.

So - I know I need to get one - but which one?

And is one enough?

And do I get one that I fill with grease or one that takes a cartridge?

And which grease do I need for, say, UJs - and can I use that on door hinges as well, or get a spray grease for that ??? where to get the proper greases - and how to store them properly??

So all you guys that talk about greasing up the UJs / bearings / etc. - what's the best for a DIY user (i.e. not professional every-day use) and where best to get one? The variety is mind boggling :shock:
I have been putting this off for a while for the same reasons.

Can you also use to top up the hubs in an 80? if so can you use the same grease as for say UJs?
Just go to your local agricultural dealer, grease and guns to fill your hearts desire.
We sell them at work if you are local to me.
best grease gun? one that works :lol: I think mine came from Machine Mart, probably a draper, but there's nothing special about it. I think I only ever use the grease gun on prop shaft UJ's and slip joints. You want LM grease for props and wheel bearings. Moly grease for CV's / 80 swivels so no you can't use the same grease for both Rob. I buy tubes of LM for the gun for props and pots of molly for CV's / swivels. You probably only want more than one gun if the first one didn't work :shock:
thanks for that, will be topping up my CVs soon :D
For me I have a little grease gun that I got from my local auto supplier.

Advantages with it are it has a solid pipe rather than flexi pipe and is small enough that I can get it onto those difficult to grease Milner uj's. As I only use it on the truck same as Jon its ample for me.

Down side it is the none tube type.....they just don't make tubes that small :D :D and it is an a**e to get the air out and prime it.

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Can you also use to top up the hubs in an 80? -

FWIW - for the swivels I use a syringe - snip the small end off - insert into top of pot of grease. Pull plunger, then squirt it into the swivels.

Result is no mess at all in the grease pot, and the swivels. Happy days.