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Greetings all, My name is Harold,


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Feb 6, 2024
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Thanks for the membership of this forum, my 1991 80 series has just clocked up 600,000km it was bought second hand at 80,000km and it is a non turbo manual GXL. It has been particularly reliable and so far the engine and gearbox have not needed attention however the starter conked out at 550k and the alternator at about the same time, a new copper radiator went in chasing slight over heating issues that turned out to be the viscous fan issue. The roof paint was degrading so that was repainted last year and the rubbers between the body and flairs have cracked up and will be replaced shortly.
One interesting t electrical gremlin has appeared over the last three years and that is the tacho fluctuated when the blinkers are working, something I will track down eventually. The Cruiser is part of our family and will not likely be passed on any time soon.
Regards Harold
Welcome to the forum, Harold.
So, that's a hzj80 I suppose. The 80s are the perfect land cruisers: drivable, reliable, modern enough, not too much electronics, etc. They also look very good if not clad with all kinds of plastic profiles like fenders and wheel arches. I suppose you will keep it another 600 k km. Pics are always appreciated...