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Had to share!


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May 18, 2021
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Gday all,
This year will mark 20 years since owning the Ute. I bought it in Cairns at Aussie Motors, with a dent in the sump (which is still there), I drove it to SA to visit family & mate before taking it to up the Cape York. I moved to Carmoo pregnant in it, went to hospital in labour in it, travelled with a baby & baby seat in it - back when you could! It's been places most haven't been or want to be, a pre-teen Jesse etched his name into the passenger side door (still there today), it's carted logs, supplies and rocks for the homesteads, it was a workhorse on the Canning Stock Route, and looking at my map of Oz it's been everywhere man!! I will never part with her no matter what. It's a part of my history and it's a part of me. Alas the poor old gal might be on her last wheels. It used oil on the way back home from North. Now accompanied by the dreaded white smoke. Oil is clean, so we might be in with a chance, but do I spend the big dollars!!?? That is the big question! The Ute is 28 years old and has 634,000kms on the clock!