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He wants my job !



Chas wrote under 'boring tyres'
Hi Jon,
I wish I had your job!
Chas please don't get it the wrong way, as a professional skypilot I am sure
you get information on the more unpleasant parts of the world, especially at
this time of the year.
Doing what I do as a post conflict specialist of sorts - and I want to stop
doing it when I have the funds - involves a qualification in landmine
awareness, experience in dealing with former combatants and also coming
across other men with guns, sometimes under the influence of some substance
or other.
An example of the latter being in Liberia where I had to fly in UN choppers
(ex Russian Afghan war and still piloted by their original crews, albeit
with the craft painted white), which are the subject of pot-shots by those
with weapons. In my time there one chopper was lost with 3 crew
unfortunately - in a town that I had to fly too 3 weeks later. Moscow TV
(according to my Russian brother-in-law) showed wreckage with a row of
bullet holes in it, but the local UN mission claimed it was mechanical
error. (See
But I was blessed by a witch doctor on stilts who had his head in a bag for
some reason - perhaps I should be grateful as I am still here ! (I'll send
you a picture).
On my next mission I am flying with UN airways again - imagine my
anticipation !
TLC content - the UN and UNHCR both use 70's and 4 runners as aircraft tugs.
(Another picture of that on its way to you JB).
Linslade, Beds
PS. Sorry Julian, having got a new PC and now using Outlook, I am doing my
best to remember to select text format ;o)


I think I'll have to think it out again! but I shall look forward to the
London UK '94 1HDT 80 Auto, 114500+ miles, Safari snorkel, Rocksliders,
Maggiolina roof tent, Engel fridge, Custom Winch bumper & winch
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