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Headlight pattern

tony rodaway

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Aug 28, 2016
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Hello guys.
I have recently replaced my n/s headlight plug because of corrosion.
The replacement part from ebay fitted the h4 plug perfectly.
After joining the new ebay part to my oem harness I had power.
Not giving it a second thought I assumed everything was OK.
Later on I went out in the dark and never noticed at first but my new harness
Fix has made my light loose power slightly.
I say this because my beam pattern on the road has changed and only have the drivers beam.
Pulling into my drive and facing the house the beam pattern looks no different and just as bright.
The following day I removed the headlight bulb thinking the metal bulb holder clip had come loose or moved.
The bulb was seated correctly and the clip was tight and I never removed the bulb on my plug change.
I installed a small light bar and it's connected to the same light loom but works perfect.
Since my plug change I have definitely noticed the difference in the light output.
I have h4 6500k led bulbs but we're also perfect before the plug change.
Just a thought but the new harness is about 7in long and just attached to my oem harness.
Can the wire length cause this difference in output.
It's nor a big issue just annoying because I know it was OK at first.
I will try get examples for you guys to show my annoying discovery.
For some reason i thought you had sealed units!

Can you swap the bulbs and see if the problem moves to the other side?

How did you join the new harness to the old one?

Is the light bar connected via a relay?
The light bar is on a 40a relay via my hi beam and dash switch.
I am waiting for a good dry day to change the bulbs over.

I joined the new plug with self soldering connections.

My bulbs are self cooling fan assisted led from auxbeam.

I will take pictures of my harness if I get home with daylight tomorrow otherwise will be Saturday.
Solder the joints and then either put heat shrink on it or hard wearing insulation tape.
Will try take pictures tomorrow and see if I went wrong some were but can't see how.
Sorry thought you meant the heat shrink connectors with the solder ring built in
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