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Hello All, from LJ Owner in Canada

Mr Mule

New Member
Jun 9, 2021
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Hello All,
I recently purchased a 1986 LJ 70 with the 2.4 TD. This is a pretty unique vehicle here in Canada, think "Unicorn." There are several Toyota diesels here but most are JDM right hand drive so I feel I got lucky to get this one. The body is a little rough but with only 185,000 km on the clock, I can take my time and work on the metal issues.

It's a good running rig once it gets started but getting it going in the mornings has been a challenge. I will start another thread asking for help with the glow plug set up. I have changed the glow plugs with what I think are the correct ones but still, had firing.

I look forward to getting to know users on the forum and updating as I progress with my Cruiser.


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Apr 30, 2010
Hello and welcome to the club.Nice intro but we NEED pictures of your Landcruiser:blush: it's a pathological condition for many of us on here .