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Hello from Central Florida (1974 FJ-40 owner) new to forum

Mt. Dora Florida

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Aug 15, 2021
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Hello and thanks for being here! Forums are a great help and the work that people put in to keep it going is admirable. I have a 1974 FJ-40 which is generally stock.
The motor is a 1969 F-series with a Weber 38DGES. I've been tinkering on it over the years and just riding it mostly on weekends on nearby paved roads to keep the old bones
moving (I've had bad experiences with letting an old vehicle or boat sit for too long unused...they need to be run.) No upgrades or add-ons except for Hella horns and newer
style seats. I recently did a tune up and and has been running well. What brought me to the Forum was clutch adjustment issues (which I will present in a new forum topic.)
I couldn't find the clutch adjust topic in a search of the FJ40 related topics on this site, but I may need to dig into the forum a little more on that. My initial search led me to this site and
I think the clutch adjustment topic was for 60 series. I am also on IH8mud but rarely find myself perusing the forums unless I run into a problem. I will often put my latest
projects or problems solved issues on a forum for an FYI to others in case they run into the same issue. If there is anyone who is in the Central Florida area who wants to
compare notes or talk of a subject please don't hesitate to message me. Below are a few pics I've taken over the years. Bye for now, Roger in Mt. Dora, Florida.


  • Landcruiser.JPG
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  • Rusted hole below tank repair.jpg
    Rusted hole below tank repair.jpg
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  • New polyethelene tank-2018.jpg
    New polyethelene tank-2018.jpg
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  • Home made custom seat bracket.jpg
    Home made custom seat bracket.jpg
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  • December at home.JPG
    December at home.JPG
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  • Ocala Forest.JPG
    Ocala Forest.JPG
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  • Needs cleaning but operates just fine.jpg
    Needs cleaning but operates just fine.jpg
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Mar 6, 2010
Hello and welcome, Roger.....

Your photos are pretty impressive and I look forward to more but that water must have quite deep to end up with a canoe on your roll bar!