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Hello from Wigan


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Jan 18, 2022
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Hi all,

New to this forum and I'm in the market for (preferably) an 80 series 4.5 on LPG, or perhaps a 100 series Land Cruiser if the price is right (I know, "join the back of the queue" :grinning:)

I want something that can tow 3.5t and is reasonably comfortable. I'd kind of like an early L322 Range Rover (either the BMW 4.4 M62 converted to LPG or the BMW 3.0 M57 diesel) but I'm put off by the unreliability and horror stories of Land Rovers/Range Rovers, even though I'm a BMW guy at heart (have had my 1997 M3 for 10 years and last year I sold my 2001 540i on LPG which I'd had for nearly 7 years)

My Dad has had four Land Cruisers over the years, three 80 series 4.5L converted to LPG and one 100 series 4.7L also on LPG, and my wife has a 2007 Prius which I also drive and maintain so I'm fairly familiar with Toyota reliability and quality. I work on all my own cars and not afraid to get my hands dirty but I do want something sturdy, reliable and fairly simple (hence preferring the 80 series and being put off by the Range Rovers!)

Anyway, enough waffle. I'll start a thread over in the 80 series forum with a few questions :thumbup:


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Feb 2, 2013
Hey Oli you might want to talk to Gary