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Hello to everyone from The Lal in Colorado, USA



Hi to all in UK/EU and especially IRL Landcruiser owners,
I'm Irish, just got beyond the magic 40 mark, 4 kids and currently in
I moved over here from Scotland last year. Spent 6 years in Scotland and
prior to that 4 yrs in the USA (San Fran, Denver and Connecticut). Bought my
96 1FZ-FE 80 series (petrol 4.5L auto) Landcruiser in Colorado last time I
was here. Prior to that lived in/around London on commuter rat-race!
Of course I didn't really get into 4x4ing (had an Isuzu Trooper before that
(great truck - very solid and reliable) until I moved to Scotland which was
a pity as could have acquired more add-ons from Christo Slee (not far down
the road from me).
Scotland 4x4-ing is a lot different from wheeling over here. Get plenty of
snow in Colorado but is normally the dry-stuff. Whats that u say - sounds
like I worked for British Rail PR dept! Well u'll never see it in the UK
(and in Ireland u're lucky to see snow every 10+ years) as there its wet,
slushy and heavy stuff. Try wheeling in this stuff and it takes some getting
used to. Basically its slippy but doesn't give any grip and slding on it
just makes it slippery. Robbie (of the Slee mechanic fame) says its sugar
snow and sometimes its like being on ball-bearings!
I run 34" Simex tires and little to no mud here to play with - bummer. Even
when snow melts and expect some fun the forest/BLM rangers shut the trail
down so can't damage it!
Lots of open space, forest areas and plenty of mountains. Quite a lot of
trails from the old mining (and before) days and u can get pretty far into
the bonnies and the mountains. 4x4 camping requires u to bring all your
stuff (incl water) and spare 4x4 parts as u're often a long way from
someone. All forest land over here are open i.e. managed by the Forestry
(federal or state) dept but open to the public, unlike UK Forest lands owned
by the Queen!.
Therefore can go on all dirt roads and logging roads. U can camp normally
anywhere (up to 300ft) off a dirt track. Wyoming has 70% of the state as
either BLM/Forestry land i.e. open to public.
Big difference from Scotland where most wheeling was on rented/borrowed land
(farmer) where the club ran for the day and then all headed home again.
Went to Moab this and last year, but only as a passenger (my truck needs
front/rear armout bumpers :) and it is pretty amazing. The sandstone (known
as slickrock !) has some amazing grip (forget ever experiencing it in the UK
with that extra moisture) and can get up some really vertical angles.
I'm hoping to finish my writeup and have lots of photos (and some videos)
but I need to organise on web site and can then post onto .info
Work mostly as computer consultant and always availble for 'advice' if
anyone needs help!
In spare time normally fly a falcon (chase ducks etc.), fishing, basketball,
camping etc.
Can help source US Toyota parts if anyone needs stuff and I found (in UK)
ordering from Christo was often cheaper than local dealer. Willing to bring
stuff over (to UK) on any flights/trips.
96 US FZJ80L (1FZ-FE) - 105K miles
With: Toyota bull-bars, 2* Hella 500 (100W), Lightforce RM170, LPG with two
tanks (120L) underneath, rear wheel on swing out resting on bumper with
custom fitting, Toyota tow-bar, extra 12V sockets (front & rear), rear 50W
halogen light, rear 20W fog light, external switch to turn off all vanity
lights, extra seat belt on 3rd row, 34.5x10.5 Simex Jungle Trackers, BFG AT
KO 265/75/R16, new brake m/c, new radiator, custom sliders that look
factory/OEM, custom bash plate, 3-piece custom roof-rack with wind-deflector
& ladder & water/petrol carrier & extra height rail; breathers, CDL
Awaiting: pin 7 mod, sliders to undent ...
Needing: 'Podvin-style' wrap around bars to attach to sliders and front
bumper, 10mm body lift, custom rear bumper, on-board compressor, airbags on
top of coils for instant lift (any wheel), passenger airbag turn-off s/w,
pesky heater hose; redo injector wiring; extra fusebox; push front seats
back; tilt middle/rear seats; bash plate under front bumper; reinforce
dented front-bumper; reading lights; console dimmer; 2nd battery; waxoil
underbody; heater pipe for L foot; replace CD unit with MP3; car-computer
system with lots of add-ons (OBD reader/grapher etc.) ; water
squiters/wipers - front lights; etc. etc. (and more $$)
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Longmont, Colorado