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Jun 6, 2021
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Hi All,
I have a 2014 200 series turbo diesel Landcruiser GXL. Its my first full size Landcruiser and a step up front my 2005 diesel Prado. Before that I had a diesel Suzuki Grand Vitara a 2001 Petrol Prado and a 2005 diesel Prado - trying to find something that pulled our camper trailer comfortably.

Being this is my first big common rail diesel, I'm keen for some advice on maintaining the fuel system and what other things to expect. I understand that a diesel in the city is not ideal, and had plenty of issues with the particulate filter on the Suzuki. We do get out for regular trips in Western NSW with the camper. Just wondering if there are things other people do regularly to keep this model ticking along nicely.

I have noticed if I give it a boot full it lays down a smoke screen a German panza would be proud of, is that normal (unburned fuel??) Or something to be concerned about? I purchased the vehicle second hand in Orange with full service history and 92k on the clock. I've put another 20k on it since then. A little warning light in the back of my mind about injectors keeps flashing and keeping me awake at night.....

Any help greatly appreciated. Looking forward to learning more about my vehicle on this forum.