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Hey there everyone


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Nov 8, 2023
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Im Parrish, yep, its my first name, not sure what i did wrong to get it but there it is, i bought an 80 series a few years back and have been playing around with it since then. Its 1997 40th anniversary model, standard height, 270k miles and have added in a few things like a snorkel, single rear draw, fridge drop, Light bar, second battery, rear power connection for the fridge, reversing camera, Android auto touch screen stereo, 2 layer sound proofing system under the whole floor, and a couple of other things.

The paint was flaking like all the metallic fleck paint jobs of its era and they wanted 7k to do it, so i drove it into the shed and stripped it down, installed the 2 stage sound proofing from and then sprayed the whole thing in tintable Raptor paint. I think it came out really well, did it in a two tone blue and black boot top. Painted the roof rack and front bullbar and rear step.

I'm really just using it for a camping with the family, just in swags and that sort of thing, it has an awning off the roof rack with a hi-lift and a pooper scooper.

love this vehicle.


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