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Hi I am a new member, And the proud owner of an 80 series manual 4.5ltre FE petrol land cruiser. I live in Australia NSW


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Jun 8, 2023
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I have only had the car since June this year, i can say its the most excited i have been over a car in many years. I wish i had purchased when i was 20 and not at 60 + years,
maybe this is part of my midlife crisis. Its pretty stock at the moment , with a 2 inch lift alloy bullbar, and a 7 inch screen stereo. 330,000 on the clock, and has been fairly well looked after for a 97.
Like alot of 80 series, and there are still heaps on the road. It shows how good they are built.
But a comon problem I have like many have had . I need to replace the power steering pump. The hoses also look like they also could be replaced, does any one know where to buy in NSW , Australia.
Also if anyone has some specifc tips on the petrol 80 series 4.5 1FZ-FE DOHC 24V MPFI. Working on it and access and the best work shop manuals to buy, it would be gratfully appreciated.
Im far from a mechanic and dont have a shed, but happy to learn and tinker.

Howzit Marko, welcome to Landcruiser paradise. When I read your post I could have been reading about myself. You're in for a great adventure.