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Hi just joined had a landcruiser amazon 2005 vx for just over a year now best motor ive ever had itt had its problems though most fixed by myself


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Feb 6, 2023
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I have a problem that I'm struggling with reversing camera picture all messed up can't warrant buying a new camera due to being unsure if it's the camera due to cost approx 800 quid just wondering if anyone else had this problem was working when I purchased the vehicle have yet to check if other devices i have fitted are causing the problem.
800 quid for a reversing camera? What's so special about it - you can get a camera for less than a tenner on eBay?
This one is original and only 6volts still don't make it 800quids worth have tried another camera still same as this one next step is to try original camera on another monitor
tried on another monitor camera is fine so either wiring or head unit anyone know where the camera wires are in the back of head unit
There's a 'TV' ECU under the drivers seat, under the satnav unit, that runs the camera and sends a signal up to the dashboard display. If the camera is ok then perhaps that ECU has a fault, or the wiring to that ECU. Is everything else working ok?
Everything else OK found wires past the tailgate connected there still same so ruled out wiring in tailgate found ecu but impossible to find the camera wire without wiring diagram that's why i would like to get a wire into the head unit
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update just ordered another head unit so next week will be able to rule that out or it will be working