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Hi-Lo Gear Stick Problem


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Sep 29, 2014
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After the nightmare fuel problem, I've just brought the 80 back from it's MOT and whilst driving over the meadow at home, I put it into Lo ration, just to give it some use, trying to avoid the common seized shifter problem.

Unfortunately, when I then tried to put it back into Hi, there was no resistance! and the stick literally went straight to floor (so to speak!), literally horizontal with the centre consul!
I can get it back into Lo ratio, but there's no engagement in Hi ratio whatsoever, just feels loose.

So, obviously I now need to strip it down at the weekend, but trying to get a bit of heads up before I do and wondering whether anyone here, has also had the same problem?
Thanks in advance.

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IIRC there's quite a simple linkage setup from the stick to the shift lever on the box. My guess is either the linkage or the lever has come undone. I can't honestly remember how good access is after removing the centre console but that's where I would start.
Thanks Towpack...... I'm thinking the same and hoping it's just a linkage issue, although I'm bemused as to why it would go back into Lo and not HI.
I'll find out at the weekend
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Thanks Frank...... just hope it's not pouring with rain at the weekend!
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Well..... Stroke of luck!
It was just the locking pin that had unscrewed, so straightforward.
Bit of Loctite, job done. :grinning:


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Will this be it for your excuses now or will you revert back to "it's her birthday" again?
Steady tiger!..... nothing booked yet Nick, they can't sort dates where everyone's free, so I'm just keeping quiet, hoping they leave it too late to organise that weekend!

Re 'it's her birthday' ...... daughters take control nowadays, I certainly wouldn't be very popular if I was away on her birthday!!

I know my place in the family, at the bottom of the list!
Although I did move up a place the other week........ the goldfish died!!!
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Just a heads up, the bush collars for the t-case shifter are NLA. We have a vendor who is hand making them:

If you want to also address a floppy transmission shifter at the same time, this kit will address both: