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How should we progress? (was Protest) and rant



John et al
Well this is the UK, I can't speak about Ireland obviously - don't expect
much from the 'people in power' in fact, don't expect anything at
in the UK 4x4s' like ours are classed as 'prestige' vehicles - for those
people who are well off - ney - rich beyond my wildest imaginings - I don't
care about those so called outdoor types who buy a new 4x4 (to impress the
neighbours - who have also got 4x4s I might add...'but mine is bigger and
better than yours' mentality) and use them for the stupid school run on
perfectly good roads that they could either share a car with someone else,
use their bikes, or the school bus, or even help their kids get fit... - and
at the first light falls of snow they don't know what to do, and sit there,
being snowed on not knowing the normal gear range from the offroading on,
not knowing how to get the thing into Low range, etc., etc and so forth.
In 2003 when London had the 'great snows' (my a***!) I sailed along quite
happily (when the roads weren't blocked by those 4x4
yellow-streak-down-the-back types)that is. On the news I lost count of how
many people were stuck in their 4x4s!. Now I ask you - what is the point of
buying a gert big 4x4 if they arn't going to use it for what it was built
for? (the newer 4x4s are not as good as the older ones, methinks, they are
lighter, have a higher centre of gravity, and are not as 'safe' as the older
ones - okay, okay, if I hit something it would probably die straight off,
but at least the electronics won't fail in the middle of a sand storm -
oops, I mean snow storm...!
Rant over - sorry guys!
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Hi Guys
Im not too familier with what is going on to any degree with your lanes etc.
But what has me a little puzzeled is the fact that more and more people seem
to be getting into the 4x4 stuff if even only for the trips /fun days etc
etc.Or is that part of the problem,.
The 4x4 sales have constantly grown every year.
It will end up like over here where you cant go off road unless you pay
somone for the plevelage.
It just makes your feel really jelious when you read the fun the guys in Aus
have on their trips of a week or so duration with families in tow aswell.. A
real case of have cruiser will travel.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT