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How to un-roll seatbelts?

Matt Wright

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May 26, 2010
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Hi guys

I've removed my 2nd and 3rd row seatbelts to run cables etc but now can't get them to un-roll?!
I've tried :
- Pushing the belt back in till there is slack and then pulling it back out gently
- Pushing it far in and rolling the roll of belt back hoping for the click but nothing
- Pulling it out. No joy but I can still push it back in etc / create slack

Does anyone have any ideas / is there a button on the sides that manually releases it?
Reason I ask is that I have my MOT this weekend and it's on the critical path :(
I'll have a look at lunchtime dude...

Hopefully someone will be along before then though ;)
you'll need to make sure you're holding them the right way to stop the inertia reel sticking. might need to give them a shoogle first to release though and then make sure they're holding them the right way up to unwind.
The reel has to be held in exactly the same position as when it is bolted into the vehicle.
If you are holding it in your hand and you dont have the angle exact it will not unreel.

There is a little ball bearing affair on the reel that has to be kept at the right angle. This is how they lock automatically in an accident.
When you decelerate harshly the ball bearing moves locking the reel.

Not to difficult to suss out but good luck :thumbup:
oh and don't be tempted to take the 'do not open sides' off. of course most people would have heeded such advice, but i chose several hours trying reassembly and ultimately a new seatbelt.
Les, Callum, Gav : THANKS guys for the speedy reply with good ideas.

Les - what you say sounds spot on cause they've always been in my hand / at differing angles..
Callum - I haven't done that (yet) even though I have re-re-re-read the "DO NOT take the sides off" notice a few times!

Thanks chaps!
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Oh good - someone has come to the rescue... There's far too much trim to remove & replace in a lunchbreak this short :lol:

Good luck Matt, I'm sure a man of your calibre will get it sorted ;)
Waa ha ha ;) Thanks Gav!
The entire back of the car is piled with tools, Ian R parts, camping bits and the kitchen sink to mak it interesting
Going for the MOT to to the same place Chas recommended :)
Well if they got Chas's beast through, you should have no difficulties :shock: :o ;) :lol: :cool:
callum said:
might need to give them a shoogle
I thought you'd made up a new word :D ;) But hey ho nothing of the like :arrow:
In lowland Scots, the verb ‘shoogle’ means to rock back and forth with small rapid movements.
lovely :D :clap:
Just be careful what & where you 'shoogle' things Steve ;)
So Matt, did you get a nice new shiney MOT certificate for el burro??
Thanks Callum for the tip - that worked 100% within seconds :D It took me longer to put the lower strap bolt back in (cause it's all rusted and needed a clean up - that got my hands all full of thick black grease that is bound to the handle of the wire brush :x )

No MOT yet Gav due to trying multiple places in LONDON (EVIL place for LC's). The first couldn't do it outright, second said yes after checking the VIN only to call back 1.5hrs later saying "their machine was too small". Have a name of a place that does Class 4 & 7 vehicles now which I'll probably go to early one morning this week. They were closed by the time I'd finished up with the other monkeys.. Couldn't get to the guys Chas used cause the traffic was intense and it was, like, 4 miles from my house :roll:

Least my seatbelts are all working! :)
You should have given me a shout - there's a place close to me just off the A3 that I use.

Glad you got the belt sorted though - I didn't think that the orientation would be critical :cool: