hydraulic steering gear pump

chris lc90

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Aug 18, 2010
costs 1200 euro :?
a use my LC to make drifting for 15 min in a mud area with the low ratio gear..
(u know before i had 4 KP60 toyota starlet rwd and drifting was my life)

when i start to drive to the normal road the steering gear was too heavy..but when i increase the rpm more than 2500 the steering gear was ok.
i went to a toyota shop and change with a brand new..(they didnt believe that i destroy this pump)..
after several months i had time to check the old one.so i dismantled and i discovered that the previous owner had a problem and when gave the pump to the technician he put the inox gear upside down.have marks there.the damage was to the aluminum cap from inside.(aluminum is softer than stainless steel.)
so that night when i increased the rpm the oil pressure was strong enough to overcome the internal leakage and my steering wheel working properly

here is the second part of the assembly
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryfr7pfG ... re=related