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Hydraulic winch

Ian Rubie

Feb 24, 2010
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I have an Ox hydraulic winch fitted to my 80. It is currently plumbed into my power steering system. I am very happy with pulling power of the winch but would like it to be a lot faster. Currently you can just about see the cable moving when it is pulling hard in low gear.

From my understanding the Ox winch is a rebadged Milemarker with a motor more suitable to power steering systems.

Tucked away in the garage I have a gearbox PTO unit. My plan is to use this to power a dedicated pump for the winch. Now the questions begin! Do any of the hydraulics experts out there know anything about the Ox? What are the optimum flow rate and pressure I should be aiming for? I think MileMarkers are something like 60 litres per minute @ 100 bar.

My plan was to have the pump working at optimum speed while at tick over in 3rd gear. That way if I need to drive assist I can drop a couple of gears and use some revs without overspeeding the pump. Good idea or not?

Any input would be gratefully received as I know next to nothing about hydraulics.


Ian, I do not know what you need to know, but have a look of as there is a lot about winched over there. Or just ask dollythelw then new member on here as I am sure he will know.

How fast would sir like to pull and how much power would you like to deploy?

If you could ping me a link or datasheet for the Ox winches I can do a bit of finger counting for you


Thanks for taking a look at this.

dollythelw said:
How fast would sir like to pull and how much power would you like to deploy?

I only use the car for Pay and Plays and the occasional punch challenge event so I am not after an all out competition system. Speed wise, noticably faster than most electrics (standard winches not twin motor comp spec ones) would be nice. Power wise I don't have a clue, car is a manual 4.2TD 24V HDJ80. Anyone got any idea what power these engines produce at tickover? How much would be sensible?

dollythelw said:
If you could ping me a link or datasheet for the Ox winches

This is where I come really unstuck. Best I can find is

This gives speed at 1100PSI and 5 litres per minute but nothing about max flow or pressure. I have emailled TJM but not had a reply yet.


ok, looking at the data sheet its a complete Milemarker copy, even the the gear ratios are 6:1 and 1:1 so that makes things easy

Bin the standard motor - its not even going to be good as a paperweight

Go shopping for an SAE2 bolt flange, 6 spline, 1" shaft motor, the CC per Rev depends on speed and power required so.. can you tell me what the ratios are in an 80 series main gearbox? I can give you some options on pump size and motor size then :idea:

does the PTO run 1:1 or is there an additional ratio in there?

you could always crank drive it - and then flog me your pto ;)
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dollythelw said:
can you tell me what the ratios are in an 80 series main gearbox?

That I can answer.

1st 4.081
2nd 2.294
3rd 1.490
4th 1.000
5th 0.881

The PTO appears to be 1:1


Ian you utter bastard- have been looking for a gearbox PTO for ages now- had a setup running on an LT230 PTO which worked very well.

Is your truck manual or auto.

latter can be interesting when winch assisting.

Won't step on Jez's feet though- he knows far far more about winches than i ever will.
I may have done a bit of winching in the past Jim but I still prefer driving - its faster ;)

ok - pto power is going to be pretty slow and limit you in terms of flexibility (ie drive assist) without going to megabore feed hoses/valve blocks etc and in the real world thats not really an option. if it was just for self recovery then its still an option as you dont need the same options a comp setup would offer

which leaves crank power - the front of a cruiser is remarkably uncluttered, you could easily put a system together that would pull planets and do it at full load speeds that electric winches cant match (regardless of how many motors are bolted to them), I'll get my crayons out :cool:
I still have the crank boss and toothed pulleys from my experiments Ian. The problem I had with crank belt drive was the fan being in the way hence all those experiments with electric fans (think I still have those but would have to check). Maybe you could keep the pump low enough to avoid the fan, can't remember if the fan swings low enough to interfere with an extended crank pully.
Hmm, looks like this might be coming together.

Jim - Its a manual.
Jon - Thanks, will bear that in mind.
Jez - I like the idea of pulling planets with hydraulic reliability!!

Jez if you are putting something together to bolt to the crank nose then i'd be seriusly interested.