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HZ oil change



Fred wrote...
As it is a long walk to the car parts shop I'd like to know beforehand
how much oil I will need for:
- engine: 7 liters I think?
- differentials front and rear: ?
- transmission: ?
Fred, Julian has got it all down for you.
You can save cash by buying a MANN - WP 928/80 filter which is identical to
the original Toy one with a by-pass filter inside as well as full-flow.
(Sold by many car parts places). And its probably more available than the
correct Toy one from a dealer.
Using that filter my engine takes 9 litres and 600mil after it has been
run-up after refilling to charge the filter.
I am happy using dino oil in the transmission without any problem, but have
additive in gearbox and transmission just cos it makes me feel better
;o) But must admit that I don't often see hypoy packed in small bottles
with flex spouts on these days, but it must be that I don't look in the
right places. I use a squeezy bottle with long hooked outlet tube made and
sold for the purpose from a DIY store for topping-up, but a syringe is king
for filling.
If you can pull all the plugs and leave the car for a while to drain, and
have access to another car, then take the sealing washers and get
replacements from a suitable supplier - a tractor or industrial plant
dealer may be easier than Toy as they don't usually stock such items for
transmission plugs at least.
Yes the Haynes manual does cover the 70 series, but it is an awful book. I
haven't seen Clive's recommended make, but if Clive rates it then it must
be better.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia. Welcome Tiaan