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I see the new LC 200 today!



I park my 80 right next to it at the Yaris dealer. Well like I say
before when I saw photos, she is not ugly. But now I see her up close
in the flesh and bone, she is only OK, not really too pretty. The
funny thing is she is so low at the ground! The raising suspensions
must go up a long way or she is not going any off road.
The interieur is very pretty but she really only seat 4 adultes with
some comforte. The middle back seat is small.
And, funny choices, they make her front and back lights bulging out to
the sides way past the body metal. She is already so more wider than
my 80, so why do they make lights sticking out even more?
I have not drive it yet but I will talk to you more when I do drive
it. She cost much as vacation homes in the France country side!