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IFS v Solid Axle



My 2pworth is not based on Toyotas but on the time a few years ago
when I was running two Suzukis - a Vitara with IFS and a Sammy with a
solid axle. One weekend we took both to an offroad fun day here in
Norfolk. Both vehicles went round happily and did everything asked of
them (including going where no Land-Rovers were going) until we came
to a steep, rough climb which no-one was getting up except a very
rusty 45 series TLC - at the third attempt. So I launched the Vitara
at it. I reached the top but as I did so the front suspension
compressed badly and the diff came down on a lump of flint in the
middle of the track. Result: a strong smell of hypoid, a drive back
home with the front diff wrapped in duck tape, and a bill for =A3130 for
a new front diff casing. Meanwhile my son in the Sammy went up the
slope with no drama, and then stood at the top, laughing at me. So I
am predisposed towards solid axles! And I don't go to offroad fun
days with my son any more.