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injector pump maybe


Active Member
Mar 1, 2010
Hi Guys
This issue has been there for some time Years but getting worse.
When I drive at motorway speeds or put the engine under stress like
pushing it, as soon as I get to a toll plaza or slow down the engine will cut out.
It will restart while still moving which is great because the steering is
quite heavy without power especially while still travelling.
It is intermittant and comes and goes.
The other issue is the engine will vibrate fierely and the revs will drop.
I have tried adjusting the revs to compansate but then they will be too high when it reverts back to normal and with it being an auto not the best thing really.
I had two rebuuilds done on the IP over the years and I reakon they both made a balls of it, so not willing to go down that road again.
And of course all other times the engine will vibrate a lot when put in a
gear at low revs.
I'm thinking of getting an injector pump because I reckon its a
weird problem in there somewhere so only need to find some one to fit it in.
Is there any other thoughtsd on this before buy another IP.


Well-Known Member
Mar 1, 2010
Have you checked it the engine is getting enough fuel? the pickup pipe in the tank or and tank breather could be blocked (the breather is in the fuel cap and a easy easy fix) One way of checking if it is the fuel supply is to pipe the fuel pump directly into a small 5 liter fuel can under the bonnet. If the problem goes away then you know its fuel supply and can work from there.