injector pump woes


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Mar 1, 2010
Hi guys
I need an injector pump now but cant find one for under £300 which is too much for me right now.
I have been having issues for a while including the engine cutting out when I arrive at a toll on a motorway or exit the motrway nto a slip road.
The engine will also cut out if revved above 2400 while standing still.
It seems it cant support high revs down to low revs without cutting out.
The engine will shutter violently even when not under stress and when put into gear aswell.
I have had the Ip taken off 3 times over the years with various problems.
I had a mechanic look at it today and he eliminated the obvious and told me the problem is in side the Ip and given the history of the IP I should look for another one to replace it rather that put more money into this one.
I cant sourse an IP over here and they seem to be expensive even second hand with no history available.
Can someone help me locate an Ip for the cruiser please.
My cruiser is the 1992 HDJ 80 12v 4.2td Auto.
in Ireland
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