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Instrument Cluster problems etc HZJ78 2000


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Jul 14, 2018
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Hey Guys,
I recently bought a HJZ78 which i'm going to build into my perfect overland/expedition vechicle.

It's a old car, and it has been in two different countries and has been used for a couple of different types of work,
so of course, the wiring is a bit crazy..

I'm in the process of deleting a Immobalizer/Alarm system (SpyBall) which seems to be from Italy, i can't find any information about it,
and most likely the company is not even existing anymore. (Website doesnt work). I believe this might be the problem to the problems i describe below.

My instrument cluster is not working properly.
Speedometer, the light for the speedometer is (was) only shining up till (60km/h), which leads me to believe that the second lamp is not getting any current.
I've checked all the lamps, and they are working when connected to a 9v battery. It's been like this since i bought it.

Engine temp (Water) and Fuel Gauge:

Niether the lights work here anymore, it was working when i bought it. (bulbs works when connected to 9v battery).
When i drove the car to the registration control, the Engine temp and Fuel Gauge light suddenly came on for about 5 seconds, AND the radio turned on, then after about 5 seconds it turned off again, and its not working anymore.

Another thing, the light control switch; If i have it on setting 1 (like neutral, when car is off) the clock light is brighter than when i have it on "setting 3" (ie to keep highbeam on), Setting 2 would be only the no driving lights, just the parking light.
Im not sure that it's like this from factory.

I have never had a car with a aftermarket alarm/immobalizer before. If i turn the key to start the engine, nothing will happen, and the key will go back one step like the when you start the car. Then, i use the immobalizer fob, and some lights come on in the instrument cluster, then i can start the car.
I believe that, maybe, something with this system is messing with cluster itself.

Last thing,
The cluster has had some repairs done - Or, it has to do with the immobalizer system.

The cluster;
The wiring is what i've done yesterday, to tidy it up. And to fix some other traces that were bad. I've just re-done someone elses work basically.

Finding a complete workshop manual with EWD for HZJ78 seems impossible, so does anyone has any ideas?

Hopefully tomorrow ill be done with removing all the Immo/alarm system and the former owners electrical work. Then i'll see if there is any difference.



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