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Insurance recommendations UK

Tonka bean

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Dec 23, 2023
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Hi Crispin & members,
Great to have joined you all and I look forward to garnering knowledge from likeminded folk!

I live in rural Norfolk, UK and have bought a 1994 LJ78 SX wide Prado, 3 litre, auto, 5 door, which was imported in 2003 and I have the V5 logbook.
I've gone through a number of insurance companies and they don't list this model or say it's a 2400cc and cannot insure as their database is not up to date.
I thought given the age, 30 years old it would fall under classic insurance, but it doesn't and getting high quotes
and not even the correct vehicle details whether speaking to a human or online.
I'm 53 years old and owned numerous classic vehicles in the past, this will be used regularly but not a daily driver.
Any recommendations appreciated.
Thanks in advance
I'm with NFU, they haven't looked after me this year - a jump of approx £100 !!!
Nothing changed, except I am a year older.
Flux was £11 cheaper so not worth the move, apparently all round costs have gone up across the board everywhere I am told.
Tonka bean,
Many years ago I had the same vehicle as you, but an EX '92 vintage (still have but not used) and had it insured at very favourable prices year after year through Swinton.
I then got the 120, and their price was ridiculous, so went to NFU who beat their price by miles, also now gone ridiculous, as others.
Anyway, Swinton at that time recognised what the vehicle was and I had no problems renewing year after year. They maybe have crazy prices for yours these days like others, but worth a try ?
There is another thread running on here about insurance with general recommendations.
Thank you all for the replies,
I've now contacted NFU, Keith Michaels both who actually list the vehicle for what it is and not as a 4 Runner or 2400cc LJ70.
Naturally nothing wrong with either of these vehicles, but in the event of a claim they would state that the details were incorrect and I'd be in the sh*t etc even though I have given them the VIN number and been totally upfront.
I also found Toyota Insurance which you may be familiar with, I wasn't and it took them 20 mins to identify the vehicle, but, they only insure Toyota up to 15 years old, no worries at all and I'm just pleased that 3 good insurance companies now recognise this 4x4 that has been in the UK since 2003.
I've just got to wait until after the Christmas break to get quotes and insurance which I'm not so worried about as I had a 200 mile drive from collecting yesterday (under the traders insurance) getting back late last night.
It drives well, reasonable power and as with anything, new or old could do with a few tweaks here and there, bushes, new tyres etc.
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Great !
I think you're absolutely right to ensure they know and have all the relevant info when accepting your money, whether it be the insurance company direct or the broker (even more so)

It makes you wonder if those who 'don't recognise the vehice' actually dont want the buisness for an older/imported truck, and pick and choose rather than be honest and say so, even though said vehicle is on the radar over here. After all, with Insurance vast data bases, it would seem odd that some know and some dont ?

Good luck with your new purchase, and make sure your 'tweaks' extend to servicing and making sure the cooling system is fully/properly doing it's job on these engines.