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Intro from a scrub.


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Apr 27, 2023
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Heller fellow Land Cruiser enthusiasts,

Sending a short introduction out. My name is Zie, I'm from the US currently living in North Carolina. Spend a lot of time in West Virginia and Virginia enjoying cave exploration and flying small planes. Just bought myself a Japanese imported right side drive 1993 KZJ78 with about 150,000 miles. Everything OEM except the radiator. Been using the truck as a daily but plan on taking some trips up north to both of the states mentioned above. New to the Land Cruiser community but have always had a love for older cars, trucks and dirt bikes. Only work I've done on it since the purchase is replace a cracked radiator, Next on the list is to install a hitch receiver. So yeah that's about it. Y'all have a good one



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That is a strange setup for the side exhaust did it come like that or from a previous owner same with the fins on the side of the snorkel lovely looking truck though oh and welcome to the club Zie reckon you will have a lot of interest in your truck and modifications you will be doing there are some 78s here the most recent and ongoing belonging to Gr8yota
Thanks for the kind words man, yeah the exhaust is a bit goofy hanging off the side, the person who imported it made that modification for whatever reason. Definitely want to switch it to something similar to the original exhaust. Not sure by what you mean the fins on the side of the snorkel though. Ill take a peep at the person who also has a 78 for sure.