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Mar 18, 2024
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Greetings from Namibia!

I came across this illustrious club some time ago, and again in my futile search for a unicorn like workshop manual for my 2015 79 Series 4.2 Diesel d/cab pickup. I suspect it has a rear main oil seal leak and need to know what I am getting myself into as a DIY project. I also have a seriously tired1984 HJ60, which mostly stands under a tree in a perpetual state of being fixed without spares in increasingly innovative ways. Anyway, I am hoping to learn from your collective wisdom and look forward to future engagement. Both vehicles are used as workhorses - towing trailers with hay & horses and other things around Namibia. My wife has a Landrover, which is kept to remind me why I have a landcruiser. Kind regards to all, from Comrade Peter.