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it just keeps happening why O why



Hi Guys
Ok now you all know I guess from all my moaning about it (Not intentional)
that I have a clanging /clicking noise with the odd loude kind of scretch
for the last few months.
I had Toyota look at it and they found nothing but then you probably do when
your eyes are shut.
But anyway MY noises are still there but now I have a vibration/ shuttering
thing going on when the pedal is put to the metal.
It feels like having a flat tyre but of course I dont, it arrives between
cartain speeds and revs.
So now I have a clang/ click/ scretch with shutting aswell.
I know Im really lucky to have all this to keep my mind occupied while
driving and thinking will I get a bang to add to this complment and then the
cruiser stops or explodes.
But I want to be really unselfish here and get rid of these things.
The problem would seem to be progressing steadly, I only had noises to keep
me company a few weeks ago now their friends the shuttering and vibrations
are here aswell.
I think in my limitied capacity as a wantaby Yaris fitter that it could be
something to do with a drive shaft/flange, drive train part/bit etc etc.
But I dont know how to diagnose what is wrong so puts me an a par with
Toyota I suppose but I want to get past them and find out what the hell is
What checks can I do and how do I do them.
Any suggestions would be great apart from leave the doors open in a bad
neighbourhood and walk away or why did I need 20 litres of petrol for the
lawn mower when I usually buy 3.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT