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JB's MT's now rims



JB wrote....
Are you saying stay away from the 8 spoke wheels.
What do you think or any one else for that matter about the ability of the
modular steel wheel to keep going without getting all bent out of shape.
No JB I am not, if the off-set is right and the steel thickness is
8mm as used by Toy then there is no problem. Well, there is one
problem that I have had in the past. Some 8 spokes have an absolutely
flat centre which rests flat against the hub centre. This can be a
problem in that the studs come loose easily. The reason ?
Look at a conventional wheel, even my Toy steel wheels, and apart
from a small circle about 5mm or so wide round the hub hole, it
contacts the hub by 'lands' or small raised patches around each stud
hole. The idea is that this smaller contact area is no detriment as
it allows more pressure to be applied by the wheel nuts between wheel
and hub, and in fact the clamping force is increased over and above a
centre with a flat 100% contact which spreads or dilutes the friction
between the two. This smaller contact area helps maintain tension on
the threads too.
So there are cheap 8 spokes and cheap 8 spokes, if you get my drift.
But the lower spec variety maybe OK if you just use them for your
playdays, but there again, the extra strains and stresses of bouncing
around your local bog for a hard day may be enough to loosen them if
they are the less sophisticated variety.
The same applies to a modular or any other kind of wheel. If they are
well designed and made then there should be no problem. But remember
that the plainer looking a wheel is (i.e. no lands around stud
holes etc.) it has been made to a low price. So if you are sorely
tempted to buy some and can identify the make, then try and find
someone who has fitted the same to an 80 like yours and get their
opinion on their performance. Does that make sense?
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus
Hey Jon -c-w
Thanks a million again for the information. Now I know what to look for. I
am always amazed when thinking about buying things for the cruiser, how
complicated it becomes to get it right. Geese I remember, well not too clear
now but years ago when I had all these cars that would go and go and any
bits would fit within reason. Like wheels , you just went and got the same
size rim at the breakers with the same amount of holes and it fitted. None
of this thinking about quality, or off set, or thickness of steel, or
quality, or anything else really.
O how uncomplcated driving a car was then. I could go on as you all could
Thanks again Jon.
92HDJ 80 1HDT Rep of Ireland